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Jeju is an island off the southern coast of the Korean peninsula. It is not a big island making it ideal for a short driving vacation.  Navigating the island is easy as all rental cars come equipped with GPS. Although there are public bus services plying the island, driving saves time and allows you to visit more places including those off the beaten path.

Unlike GPS in some countries where you type in addresses, the GPS devices in Korea use telephone numbers of the destination for pin pointing its location for navigation.

During my trips to Jeju I have researched and compiled a list of phone numbers of places of interest in Jeju. The list is quite comprehensive and I hope it saves you some time if you’re planning a trip there. The phone numbers are obtained from various sources like VisitKorea site and Jeju travel guides I picked up on my trips there.

I will keep this list as current and accurate as possible. If you find any errors please let me know through the contact page or comment below. It will help other travellers like you too.

Under the “Verified” column, “Yes” are phone nos that I’ve personally verified to be accurate. The table can be sorted by places of interest or region.

Map of Jeju
Map of Jeju. Photo credit:

GPS Phone Nos for Jeju Attractions

Places of InterestRegionTelephone NosVerified/Remarks
Alive MuseumSouth8050888
Aqua Planet JejuEast7800900
Biyangdo Ferry TerminalWest7967522
Cheonjeyeon FallsSouth7381529Yes
Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls South7331528Yes
Chocolate MuseumSouth7923121
Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff South7351000**Jeju ICC nearby
Dongmun marketNorth7523001
Hallim ParkWest7960001
Hello Kitty IslandSouth7926114
Hyeopjoe BeachWest7283394
Ilchul LandEast7842080
International Convention Center JejuSouth7351000
Jeju Folk Village MuseumSouth7874501
Jeju Haenyeo MuseumEast7829898
Jeju LovelandNorth7126988
Jeju Mini LandEast7827720
Jeju Ocean ExperienceEast7845757
Jeju Oreum ParkNorth7023266
Jeju Water WorldSouth7391930
Jeju World Cup StadiumSouth7603602
Jeongbang Waterfalls South7331530Yes
Lotte Mart JejuNorth7982500Yes
Manjanggul CaveNorth-East 7834818
Mt Sanbangsan South-West7942940Yes
NANTA Theater JejuNorth7238878
O'sulloc Tea MuseumWest7945312
Oedolgae Rock South7328027Yes
Sabanggul TempleSouth-West7942940Yes
Saeyeongyo BridgeSouth7603471
Seogwipo SubmarineSouth7326060
Seongsan Ilchulbong East7830959Yes
Seongsan Port (ferry to Udo Island)East7825671Yes
Seopjikoji CapeEast7317000**Phoenix Hotel nearby
Teddy Bear MuseumSouth7387600
Trick Art MuseumEast7878774
Trickeye MuseumCentral7735600
Udo SubmarineEast7842333
World Eros MuseumSouth7390059
World Seashell MuseumSouth7625551
Yakcheonsa Temple South7385000Yes
Yeomiji Botanical GardenSouth7383828
Yongduam Rock North7283918Yes
Yongmeori Coast South-West7942940Yes

Hallasan National Park

Hallasan TrailsAreaTelephone NosVerified?
Eorimok West7139950
Seongpanak East7259950
Yeongsil South-West7479950Yes
Gwaneumsa North7569950
Donnaeko South7106920



Accommodations We Stayed in on Our Trips to Jeju

Below are some reasonably priced and comfortable accommodations in the southern city of Jeju called Seogwipo. These hotels are conveniently located with easy access to popular attractions located in the south like the Jeongbang Waterfalls and Yongmeori Coast. All come with free in-room Wi-Fi.

1. Days Hotel Jeju Seogwipo – We stayed here on our last trip. Quite a new hotel, comfortable beds with modern facilities. Good pressure from rain shower. Even has a retractable mobile phone tray next to the toilet seat great for those who cannot be separated from their mobile.

2. The Island Blue Hotel, Jeju

3. The Ocean Palace Hotel is older but the rooms are huge and clean after recent renovation. Ideal for families with children. Great location with views of the ocean from higher floors.

Other Affordable Accommodations in Seogwipo:


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  1. Hai KK Yong, i would like to seek your advice on the itinerary to visit jeju. As mention perviously in your post, at least 4 days to cover the whole Jeju. Does it will be lot easier if i segregate 1 day for 1 region? means for 1st day i spend the south area and 2nd in east, 3rd in west and 4th in north area? Or do u have other advice then this?

  2. Hi Lynn,

    Changing hotel every day takes up precious time checking in and out. Jeju is not very big so you can choose to stay at Jeju city in the North and Seogwipo in the South. The majority of the hotels are located in these 2 areas. For attractions in the East and West regions you can visit them enroute between the 2 cities. Most places of interest are within 2 hours from Jeju city or Seopwipo. I am assuming you are driving. If you have more than 4 days I suggest staying longer in Seogwipo as they are more places of interest in the South. And if you can spare another day do visit to Udo Island in the East.

    Hope this helps.

  3. hi kk yong,

    is it safe for a woman to travel alone in jeju and udo? i plan to go there in early may. i’ve never hired a car when traveling overseas before so i’m a bit worried.

  4. Hi Ladda,

    Yes it is safe for a woman to travel alone in Jeju and Udo. That said, do take necessary precautions like not going out too late at night alone. Places frequented by tourists are usually quite crowded so these places are very safe.

    As for driving, if you have not driven in a foreign land before it can be quite daunting. Although the cars are equipped with GPS it may also cause distractions on unfamiliar traffic situations like looking out for signposts, traffic lights and pedestrian crossings of which there are many. Also be aware that it is left hand drive.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Kk Yong

    With regards to the GPS, is it preferable to have Korean GPS which can search by phone number? Do they have both Korean and English languages?

  6. Hi Lay,

    It is better to have an English GPS so you can understand the speech prompts. The screen language on the English GPS is still in Korean. You’ll have no problem entering phone nos in the English or Korean GPS. The car rental crew will go through the screen menu with you and the basics on how to enter phone nos.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Hi Kk Yong

    Thank you so much for your advice. Do you know which car rental company provides reasonable price for rental, convenient and better services?

  8. Hi Lay, you’re most welcome.

    I used Lotte car rental (formerly known as KTKumho) and SIXT on separate trips. I prefer Lotte’s service. Prices for both are competitive.

    Before you book, apply for International Driving Permit (IDP).

    This post on driving in Jeju has more details.

    If you decide to rent from Lotte, register to get better prices/discounts. This is the link to their site:

    Hope this helps.

  9. Seem like Googlemap won’t work in jeju island? I guess we have no choice but to rent the local GPS?

  10. Yes Googlemaps may not have the whole Jeju island completely mapped out. Better to have a dedicated Korean/English GPS if you are driving.

  11. Hello,

    Thanks for your advices!
    I will stay for a week in Jeju in mid september 🙂
    Google Maps indeed doesn’t work but Waze works! Both on smartphone and computer. I will use that with a wifi egg in addition to the car GPS just in case.

  12. Hi, do you know if the gps works well in Udo? We’re planning to bring our car to Udo and drive around. Thanks!

  13. Hi Huei Ying,

    GPS doesn’t work so well in Udo. But the island is small it’s not a problem finding your way around. When you buy the ferry tickets you will be given a map of Udo. A good scenic drive will be to take the coastal route. It will loop back to the ferry jetty.

    Enjoy your time in Udo!

  14. Hi

    Which Jeju tour companies would you recommend to use? We 4 people are planning to stay 4 days and 3 nights in May? Would you know any good Airbnb in jeju?

    Thank you

  15. Hi Kelley,

    I am not sure about the tour companies as I have not used any before. Same for Airbnb as I have not booked any. Since you are staying just 3 nights look for accommodation around Seogwipo area which is nearer to the scenic attractions. Apologies I couldn’t be of much help for your queries.

  16. Hi KK,

    1. Which restaurants would you recommend in :
    Udo Island
    Around Sunrise Peak
    Around Dongmun Market

    2. We’re planning this itinerary for 2days drive. Is this too ambitious ?
    Day1: From airport to Manjangul Cave, Udo Island, Seopikoji Coast
    Day2: Sunrise Peak, Seonggeoup Folk Village, Yeongmeori Coast,
    Jussangjeolli Cliff, Dongmun Market
    Or is there anywhere else you recommend seeing along the way?
    (Day3: joining a tour to see the West side)

    Thank you!

  17. Hi Karen,

    I will answer your 2nd question first:
    1) Day 1 is too ambitious. The distance is doable but a lot depends on when your flight arrives and how much you want to see. You probably won’t enjoy it especially if you are visiting Jeju for the first time having to juggle so many things like renting the car, finding your way, figuring out how to use the GPS, lunch timing, ferry timing, etc. I suggest just see what you can, don’t rush, skip whatever you don’t have time to see, don’t have to cover everything on the list. For eg Day 1 visit Manjangul Cave, enjoy the lunch (see restaurant recommendation below), then see if you have time for Udo. If not, skip Udo and proceed to Seopjikoji. Udo takes at least 4 hours (not including waiting for ferry and ferry ride) even if you rush, and the last ferry back is at 6pm. Consider whether the cost of the car ferry plus entrance fee is worth it for a short visit.
    2) Day 2 is doable if you visit Sunrise peak early, better yet arrive before 6am for the sunrise. Takes about 40mins to get up there so start climbing around 5.30am.

    Wrt to your question on restaurants:
    1) Udo island – there are many varieties of restaurants ranging from western to korean along the scenic route. Since you are in a rush just hop into any one when you’re hungry.
    2) Near Manjangul Cave enroute to Udo/Seopjikoji you’ll pass this restaurant called Myeongjin Jeonbok Abalone Restaurant (Tel/GPS: 64-782-9944). Depending on your priorities when it comes to food, this is a restaurant truly worth a visit. Be prepare to wait during lunch hour. There are too many good restaurants to recommend, but based on your limited time schedule it would be better use of time to just eat around the places you are visiting.
    3) Other places worth visiting are Hamdeok in the North, the 3 famous waterfalls and Oedolgae Rock in the south. But you’ll need more days.

    Enjoy your trip to Jeju!

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