Ferry Schedule and Fares to Udo Island

The ferry ride from Jeju to Udo Island takes just 15 minutes. There are two departing ports from Jeju and two ports on Udo.  Ferries leave Jeju from Seongsan Port and Jongdal Port and arrive at either Cheonjin or Haumok-dong Port on Udo. The most frequent ferry service is between Seongsan and Cheonjin.

The ferry service runs frequently and carries both passengers and cars. When you purchase your ticket they’ll give you a brochure with the current schedule. Keep track of schedule as ferry timings change depending on season.

To fully enjoy Udo Island it is best to arrive early. Plan for a leisurely day for some trekking, lazing on the beach, have an ice cream, or sipping tea while savouring the beautiful scenery. You can learn more about the attractions of Udo Island here.

In this article I’ve included ferry schedules and fare information so you can plan your trip to Udo prior to arriving. Do read the comments below by fellow travellers as you may have the same questions answered. Let me know if you have other questions and I will answer as best I can, usually within a day or two.

Self-Driving on Udo

Many visitors, including myself, prefer self-driving. If you’re visiting Jeju as a group or family you’d most likely be renting a car so it makes sense to get your car over to Udo on the ferry. It saves time and is the most efficient way to travel around island.

I’d suggest departing from Seongsan Harbour (GPS tel no 7825671).

Upon arriving at the terminal do not join the vehicle loading queue yet. Instead, park at the temporary lots near the Seongsan Terminal to buy your tickets first. It’s a white dome-shaped building.

Seongsan Terminal
Seongsan Terminal

Remember to bring your passport as you’ll need this for registration. You are required to fill up your personal details and the type and model of vehicle you’re driving. Forms (to be filled in duplicate) are available from the ticket counters before making payment. Departures are frequent so there is no need to hurry.

Drive towards the dock. You will be directed to line your vehicle in rows to facilitate boarding. The loading process is very well organised and there are many attendants around to assist. Cars are loaded tail in. Video below shows how cars are loaded.

Once your car is loaded proceed to the upper deck to enjoy the view. Important – Remember to engage parking brake before leaving the vehicle!

Car ferry to Udo Island
A fully loaded car ferry on the way to Udo Island


Udo Ferry Schedule

Ferry schedule from Seongsan Harbor to Udo Island and back. Please be aware that the schedule may be subject to change because of tide, weather and wharf conditions.


Admission Fees to Udo Island

These are return fares for passengers (Updated Oct 2018)
ClassificationTotal Round Trip Charges
Elderly / Disabled₩7,000
Age 3-7₩2,400


Car Ferry Charges to Udo Island

Round trip fares for vehicles (does not include driver) (Updated Oct 2018)
ClassificationRound Trip Charges
9-Seater Vehicles₩26,000
12-Seater Vehicles₩30,400
15-Seater Van₩37,000

Information from Udo Provincial Marine Park brochure at time of printing (Oct 2018).

The picture below taken at the Seongsan ferry terminal shows the entrance fees for passengers and cars. For scooters and motorbikes rates you have to contact the ferry terminal to check:

udo ferry fees for passengers and cars

Returning from Udo Island

There are 2 ports on Udo Island: Cheonjin Port operates on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur; and Haumok-dong Port on Fri, Sat and Sun. I have included a map of Udo below for your reference:

map of udo island
Map of Udo Island

Accommodations we stayed in during our trips to Jeju

These are right in the heart of Seogwipo, with easy access to attractions in the Southern part of Jeju where most of the major attractions are located.

1. The Island Blue Hotel, Jeju is a 4-star hotel right in the city center walking distance to good eateries.

2. Days Hotel Jeju Seogwipo Ocean – spacious and clean with valet parking facilities.

3. The Ocean Palace Hotel is a bit old but the rooms are huge and clean with recent renovation. Great location with views of the ocean from higher floors.

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  1. Hi Nadia,

    You will have to pay ferry fare for 6 people plus ferry charges for the car. Assuming you have 6 adults and a full sized car, the total will be: (₩5,500 x 6) + ₩30,400 = ₩63,400.

    They will ask for the make and model of your vehicle before totaling up.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Hi, may i inquire if we wanna bring a car there but have limited confidence to load the car, can I get assistance on loading the car?


  3. There are many ushers there to help. They will not drive your car for you but will hold your steering wheel from outside to guide you all the way into the ferry. It is very safe. IMPT: remember to engage the parking brake once your vehicle is parked.

  4. Our cruise ship will arrive Jeju island 11am Apr2, leaving on 7pm.
    I don’t know how far from International cruise terminal to the Seongsan Terminal.
    Is it enough time to go to Udo Island?

  5. Hi Moni,

    No I don’t think that is possible. Seongsan Port is about 3 hours by bus from the International cruise terminal. If your connections are timely, ie best case scenario, the earliest you could get to Udo Island is 3pm. That leaves you hardly enough time to explore the island as you will need another 3 hours to get back.

    The link below is the Google Maps bus route from the International cruise terminal to Seongsan Port:


    Hope this helps and have an enjoyable trip to Jeju.


  6. Hi, can you guide me how to go to harbor from jeju city? We didn’t rent any car and was thinking if we can go there via public transport (bus or taxi). There will be 5 of us.
    Thank you.

  7. Hi Ann,

    I had not tried taking public transport to Seongsan Port for the ferry to Udo.

    According to Google maps there is a bus from Namseogwang Village in Jeju City every 90 mins. The journey takes about 1 and a half hrs.

    This is the map link for the route:

    Hope this helps.

  8. Hi there,

    We were wondering if the fares are only for 1 way or return?

    And also do the counter able to speak english? Hope to hear from you soon

  9. Hi Nur,

    Yes the ferry fares above are for return trips. And yes, the service staff at the counters speak English.

    Enjoy your trip to Jeju and Udo Island!

  10. Would it be possible to just park our car at Seongsan Port and not driving it over to Udo Island?


  11. Hi KK Yong,

    I am wondering whether there are separate ferries for cars and people. I want to ask should I take the same ferry in which I loaded the car? Your reply would be appreciate. I am traveling to Udo next week.

  12. Hi Oliver,

    Yes cars and passengers board the same ferry.

    Enjoy your trip to Jeju and Udo. Ideal time to go. Nice weather:)

  13. I did not go this year so I can’t confirm that it is 100% accurate.

    The ferry runs quite regularly so there shouldn’t be any problems even if you miss one ferry.

    Only the first and last ferry time schedule changes based on season.

    Enjoy your trip to Udo!

  14. Hi Iryany,

    Thanks for visiting TakingFlights.com. Glad to know that the information here is helpful to fellow travelers.

  15. Hi Szlin,

    Ferry for 3 adults will cost ₩16,500 and the Ssangyong Tivoli would be ₩26,000 assuming it is classified as a mid-sized car.

    Hope this helps.

  16. Hi KK Yong,

    I will be arrived jeju on 14 Sep, I would like to rent car for 4 person with 3 luggage, kindly advise which size of car should rent, Meanwhile i have lotte rent car coupon from Korea tourists organisation Malaysia which can enjoy 73%. Did I just made reservation without sign in as a member with lotte rent car service . When i take the car later present my coupon are they give me the coupon discount.

    Really need your advice on this .



  17. Hi Carol,

    The following cars will be suitable for a group of 4:

    1) Kia K5 (mid-sized sedan)
    2) Hyundai Tucson (SUV)
    3) Renault QM6 (SUV)

    The last trip we rented the Hynudai Tucson. Comfortable for 4 of us and ample luggage space.

    Lotte has a new model called the QM6 made by Renault in collaboration with Samsung. Although this is the most expensive of the 3 you may want to consider this as it may be more fuel efficient.

    Info about the QM6 here: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20160526000686

    …and here >> https://www.renaultsamsungm.com/2017/model/qm6.jsp

    As for the discount code I’m not sure if it applies to Lotte’s Jeju rental. They are already giving quite good member’s discount. The last I checked the discount was 65%. You can try logging in as member and compare prices.

    If you have not done so you need to get your International Driving Licence before you proceed to book the car.

    Enjoy your trip to Jeju!

  18. Thanks KK Yong for your fast respond and very useful information. I will check with Lotte for the additional discount.

  19. Hi KK, we are a group of 5 adults, 1 four years old boy and a baby we’ll be renting the All New Carnival in Jeju for our upcoming trip in Feb 2018. Wonder the car ferry fare will be cap under full sized car or van? If we were to park our car at Seongsan Port, is it convenient to travel around in Udo Island with public transport? Thanks in advance!

  20. Hi Ruth,

    According to Lotte car rental information the Carnival is classified as a van so it would be safe to assume that it will be classified as such by the Seongsan Ferry terminal.

    There are many bus services that run around Udo and stops at all major attractions. It is quite convenient but bus stops can be crowded at popular locations so you have to wait in line for the next bus. Not good if you are in a rush. There are bicycle and scooter rentals but with a baby and kid this is out of the question. The best option is still to bring the car over to Udo where you have more control where you want to go and better scheduling of your time to catch the ferry back. It will still be very cold in Feb so it may not be wise to be out in the open taking public transport with young children in tow.

    Hope this helps.

  21. Hi KK,

    Thanks so much for your prompt and informative tips, we will take the car to Udo as per your advice due to the cold weather and the convenience with baby and kid with us. Cheers!

  22. Hi KK Yong,

    Thanks for the article.

    I have this question: When I’m on the island and at somewhere far from the port, how do I know if the service has been closed early due to bad weather?

    I’m worried about getting stranded there.

  23. Hi Andy, I can’t give you a definitive answer. It is best to check with the Seongsan Port authority before you purchase tickets when you know that the weather for the day is going to be bad.

  24. Hi may i know if that possible to purchase the ferry tickets in advance? or the price will be the same if purchase on the spot? Tq

  25. Hi Yunn,

    I am not sure if it is possible to book online. I think the price will be the same. There are frequent departures in the morning so if you arrive early at the port you should be able to get tickets.

  26. Hi,

    I would like to know how far is jeju airport from seongsan port? If I arrive at jeju airport around 8.30am, estimate to take around 2 hours for custom clearance and get the rental car, it is enough time for me to visit udo on the day itself?

  27. Hi Michelle,

    It takes about 90 mins by car from Jeju airport to Seongsan Port.

    Here’s the route: https://goo.gl/maps/qYJxGdgria32

    Assuming you get to the port by noon, and arrive on the island around 1pm, you have about 4 to 5 hours to tour Udo. Unless you are really rushed for time I would not recommend doing this. Depending on what your preferences are, even a full day is barely enough. Udo is best enjoyed at a relaxing pace taking in the scenery, taking strolls along the beaches, sipping coffee at Dennis Cafe and having ice cream at Jimmy’s.

    Hope this helps.

  28. Hi,

    May i check with you whether rented vehicles can enter udo island via the ferry?


  29. Hi Nicholas,

    Yes rental cars can go on the ferry and drive on Udo Island. Enjoy your driving holiday to Jeju and Udo!

  30. Hi Mimi, thanks for dropping by. I am not aware of any price changes. I will be going to Udo this October so I will provide an update end of 2018.

  31. To note on your Aug 2018 update, I’m on the ferry now with my car. Doesn’t look like there is any change.

  32. Thanks for the update Sam. I’m planning a trip there in Oct so your update came in very useful and just in time. Hope you had a good time on Udo!

  33. Hi KK Yong,

    I have several questions:
    1. Which port does this ferry reach in Udo Island?
    2. Are there electric bicycle rentals at the port?
    3. What is the best way to travel in Udo?

    Thank you.

  34. Hi Faith,

    1) Our ferry dropped us at Cheonjin Port on Udo Island. There is another further north called Haumok-dong Port. It is best with ticket counter which is the destination port for your departure time.
    2) No there weren’t any electric bikes. Scooters are available. Be aware that you’ll need International driving permit if you want to rent motorised vehicles.
    3) It depends on the how much time you have and what you want to see and do. Driving is most convenient and saves time, but you may miss some interesting spots. Cycling is more leisurely. If the weather is cooling this will be good way to see Udo. But you’ll need at least half a day. Scooters are also a good way to travel around. There is also a public bus which is a cheaper option. If you have even more time you can hike the Olle trail that goes around the island.

    Hope this helps. Enjoy your stay in Jeju and Udo! I’ll be there next month 🙂

  35. Hi KK Yong,

    What date you will travel to UDO Island. Our plan on 10th Oct 2018 to visit there by car rental. Kindly update if your travel date is earlier than us. Thank you.


  36. Hi Azizan, I’ll be going to Udo Island on 17th Oct 2018. You can drive your car over as confirmed by a reader recently. Hope you have a great time in Udo.

  37. Hi Sim, yes cars are still allowed on Udo Island. The previous information regarding cars not allowed is incorrect.

    Enjoy your holiday to Jeju and Udo!

  38. Hi KK,

    As the recent news is that no rental car allow on Udo Island, so I was wondering if you manage to drive your car onto the car ferry during your trip on 17th Oct 2018 which you mentioned in earlier comment?
    Thank you.

  39. Hello,

    Thank you very much for your article.

    Do you know if it is possible to hop on the ferry with a scooter and if so, the same charge applies as for the car?

  40. Hi Hendrik,

    I have not seen anyone ride a scooter on board the ferry but I believe it is possible. Please refer to this ferry fees signboard below – the second last line reads “For scooters, motorbikes and other types of vehicles please contact us“. Thanks for asking. I have updated the information in the article.
    Udo ferry entrance fees for passengers and cars

  41. Hi KK Yong.

    I have a question, if I want to bring a car with my 3 other friends, how much the cost will be? I mean one car and 4 person including me.

    For the car does the charge include the driver?

  42. Hi Ridzuan,

    For mid-sized cars the round-trip cost is ₩21,600. This is for car only does not include driver. Each adult pax is ₩8,500. So total for 1 car + 4 pax = ₩55,600. Thanks for writing to clarify. I have updated my post to make this clearer.

    Enjoy your trip to Jeju and Udo!

  43. Hi KK Yong, it’s me again.

    In your answer for the last year question, your answer is that the price for 9 car seater is 26000won, same price as this year but for the passenger last year was 5500won. So does it mean that the prices is increasing 3000won more for this year? Or the fare for the passenger depends on what type of car you bringing to Udo Island?

    Thank you in advance

  44. Hi Ridzuan,

    In reply to your questions above:
    1) Yes fares have increased.
    2) Fares for passengers are the same no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

    Reminder: Bring your passports (some in my group left their passports in the hotel safe and had to make a trip back for the passports). They will check your particulars against the form you filled in when purchasing tickets.

  45. Hi!

    We are planning to visit Udo Island this Oct.
    Can we bring the rental car to Udo Island ?
    I read on other website that we can’t bring the rental car to Udo Island, so I get confused.
    Thank you in advance for your help

  46. Hi ! again

    I forgot to ask earlier.
    Does the ferry run 7 days a week (everyday) ?
    We plan to visit Udo in Monday to avoid the crowds.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  47. Hello Travel Mom, apologies for the late reply.

    1) Yes, rental cars are still allowed. The other news sources are not accurate.
    2) Yes, the ferry operates daily.

    Enjoy your trip to Udo!

  48. Hi,

    Good day.

    I have planned to visit UDO Island by end of November 2019. I have rented a car and planned to drive in UDO Island.

    May I know that is still allow the rental car go by ferry to UDO Island from Seongsan Terminal?

    Your soonest reply will be appreciated and kindly reply me via my email address below.

    Thank you.


  49. Hello Xavier,

    Yes you can drive your rental car on Udo. News that rental cars are not permitted are false.

    Enjoy your trip to Jeju and Udo!

  50. Dear KK Yong,

    Good day to you.
    My husband and I will be visiting Udo Island on end Oct this month. We would be bringing our rental car to Udo via Seongsan Terminal, we are coming from Seogwipo city, how long does it take to reach Seongsan Terminal. Which port in Udo we need to depart when we return back to Jeju with the car at the end of the day. Please advise.

    Thank you in advance for your advise.

    Carol Tong

  51. Hello Carol, in reply to your questions:
    1) The drive from Seogwipo to Seongsan terminal takes one and a half hours. Traffic is light but I do advise to start early so you have more time on Udo.
    2) On Udo, you may depart from either port. Both ports have car ferries. However check the timing of the last ferry in the printed schedule. Haumokdong’s last ferry ends earlier.

    Enjoy your trip to Jeju and Udo!

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